Why (not) use Shopify - Advantages (and disadvantages) of Shopify for Czech business 🤔

Shopify is one of the largest and most popular international services for running e-shops. His popularity is so high mainly because it is created as a platform and thus it is possible to modify it practically without limits. There are many Shopify Partners and Shopify experts who can help you customize your e-shop in almost any way. Shopify was founded in 2006 and today over a million e-shops are operated on it in more than 175 countries around the world. It employs over 5000 people and in addition there are over 780 Shopify experts.

We have been working with Shopify since 2016, and our reason for this choice was its perfect international availability for online sales. We are constantly working to facilitate the possibility of its use in the Czech Republic and Slovakia as much as possible .

More and more Czech and Slovak e-shops are choosing Shopify for their operations.

So why choose it for your own e-shop?

  • A huge advantage of Shopify is that it provides secure and reliable web hosting , which is included with all available prepaid plans.
  • They have incredibly secure, fast and stable checkout. For example, in the Shopify Plus program, full checkout capacity of up to 6,000 sales per minute is ensured. The biggest e-shops on Shopify manage up to 40,000 sales per hour without any problems (Information provided by Shopify CTO at Shopify P ursuit E vent in Amsterdam u 2020).
  • In view of such a huge number of e-shops, they have a sophisticated network of support, partners and experts, which will greatly help the business to ensure rapid growth. You are not so dependent on a small local agency. We've seen many cases of custom solutions floundering in big trouble only because the developer left . Shopify calls its support network an ecosystem—everything is connected. When you do well, they do too.
  • Very intuitive and simple to start an e-shop. In the case of a simple business model, you can launch an e-shop within a single day. Really.
  • The design is customizable, there is no need to program it thanks to the template architecture. Shopify is constantly working to improve the design. At the turn of May and June 2020, they plan to launch a new template system, when it will be possible to create a design practically only by dragging and dropping individual elements. However, it is also possible to use a completely custom design. You have at your disposal the source code of the ad okume ntaci frontend.
  • It offers the possibility of installing over 3000 plugins .
  • Technologically, they are always one step ahead. You can be sure that Shopify is already experimenting with what will become popular in the future. For example, accelerated checkouts, augmented reality, GraphQL for API, Progressive JPEG and webp , and much more.
  • 24/7 support . Although still in English, you can email, chat, use twitter,...

And why don't you choose Shopify?

  • It is certainly not the cheapest (but not the most expensive) solution for a small start-up business. For the purpose of quickly testing a product or service on the local market, Shoptet is completely sufficient. They can really help with a lot of problems of small and medium e-shops and they deserve credit for that. If your business grows within 6 to 12 months, it may be time to look for a better solution .
  • Although Shopify is becoming more and more globalized, the administration and backend cannot be translated into Czech . However, you are fully in control of the front end, i.e. what your customers see and in which language they buy.
  • Advanced changes cannot be made at checkout (unless you have the Shopify Plus program). However, this also has its advantages. Shopify does everything possible and impossible to make checkout work absolutely perfectly. They are constantly improving it to make it faster, safer and more enjoyable for shoppers.
  • Specific solutions (EET, invoicing, translations, card payments, etc.), although available on Shopify, sometimes do not lead to a completely direct path. However, we also try to make these solutions as simple as possible for you.

And how much does it actually cost on Shopify?

We have experience with Czech e-shops across the entire price spectrum. Any solution you choose is feasible.

You can start already at a price from 9 USD/month in the Lite program. Unlike the Basic Shopify, Shopify and Advanced Shopify plans, here you use Facebook, a blog or an existing website to sell and communicate with customers via messenger.

The price plans that already include the e-shop as such are:

  • Basic Shopify (starting at $29/month)
  • Shopify (starting at $79/month)
  • Advanced Shopify (starting at $299/month).

The total price that the client pays for the selected price plan is determined by the monthly fee and transaction fees. These vary depending on the plan you choose. You can find a comparison of all parameters in the individual programs directly on the Shopify website .

For large businesses and stores with high turnover, there is the Shopify Plus program. We have experience with Czech e-shops in this program and we have also helped some of them switch to this program. If you are interested in this program or other information, do not hesitate to contact us.

To analyze the actual costs depending on your needs, we recommend using, for example , this calculator .

So Shopify is constantly evolving and more and more merchants are using it. And it is becoming more and more accessible, thanks, among other things, to the arrival of the Stripe payment gateway in the Czech Republic .

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