Our services

We design, build and develop Shopify e-shops from more than 35 countries around the world. We are the only certified Shopify agency in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and we have already helped our clients generate revenues exceeding 14 billion crowns.

Tailor-made e-shops

Do you want to grow, expand or improve the customer experience on your e-shop? We will design and create a solution tailored to your needs.

Creation of e-shops

We mainly focus on the creation of medium and large e-shops on the Shopify Plus platform. This e-commerce platform offers a robust and flexible solution for selling through multiple channels (omnichannel) with the ability to sell directly to consumers (D2C) and business partners (B2B), while maintaining sufficient control over design and user experience.


The vast majority of migrations create a number of challenges from moving thousands of products to redefining processes to optimizing operations. A seamless, efficient and secure transition to Shopify/Shopify Plus requires expertise, which we can offer thanks to our many years of experience.


A vision without a plan is like an empty dream. We have an experienced team to turn your vision into reality. Don't let any technical challenge limit your plans or growth. The Shopify Plus platform is designed for high sales volumes and offers plenty of options for custom optimizations. Together, we can create a shopping environment for your customers that they will be happy to return to.

Custom templates

Who else knows your customers better than you? If you do not want to settle for a typical shopping environment, but want to provide your customers with the experience and service they are used to, then together we can create your own template that will be tailored to the needs of your customers.

Tailor-made functionalities

Are you satisfied with your e-shop, but are you still missing essential functions? We are here for you! We have experience from hundreds of deals and implementations, so we are able to quickly define the challenges you face and come up with the best solution for your business.


We believe that design and customer experience together create an experience that turns visitors into customers. We will be happy to prepare you a Shopify/Shopify Plus website design that will be unique, attractive and focused on maximizing the ratio between acquisition and conversion.

Analysis & UX/design

The basis of web design is a complete understanding of your business and the needs of your customers. Therefore, in every new project, we first get to know your business in detail, analyze the behavior of your customers, design an information architecture, and only then start creating wireframes and the final form of your e-shop.

Edit Shopify templates

Do you want to stand out from the competition and gain complete control and flexibility over the appearance of your Shopify/Shopify Plus e-shop? Take advantage of the possibilities of creating a customized Shopify template, which gives you not only the possibility of creating your own user environment, your own information architecture, but also, for example, better options for SEO optimization, better performance and, last but not least, the use of your own functions.

Custom application

In addition to what can be done on Shopify without modifying the code, the Shopify platform has a great added value for more advanced users: their API. The way Shopify is built allows us to create amazing apps specifically tailored to your needs.

Custom integration

Is there a specific system you need that isn't yet connected to Shopify? We can create such an integration for you. Shipping, inventory management systems, invoicing software, marketing or analytics tools and much more. Contact us and we will be happy to help you from the idea to the creation of automation.

Integration of payment gateways

We are one of the few certified Shopify Experts with access to the Shopify Hosted Payments SDK, which also means authorization to implement payment gateways. In total, we have already managed to create 3 payment gateways into the Shopify ecosystem.

Custom Shopify functionality

Can't find the functionality you want in Shopify's extensive app library? Contact us. We have developed several well-known integrations for Shopify, such as Mailbox or Name Declension.

How do we work?


Nice to meet you

Before starting cooperation on any project, we need to get to know each other. In addition to getting to know the planned project, we also need to find out how your business works, what your vision is, who your customers are or how you differ from the competition. In addition, getting to know each other will help us align mutual expectations so that we can understand each other in addition to the business side as well as people.


Project analysis

When we are sure that we are the right partner for you, we will conduct an in-depth analysis of the project and a feasibility study (we will create data diagrams for planned changes on the backend), carefully examine the connection to your ERP, WMS, PIM and other systems. We will then design the architecture of the solution so that you can be sure that the offered solution meets all the defined requirements. As part of this section, we will also prepare and present a detailed project plan to you.



Once we agree on mutual expectations regarding the budget, delivery dates, the size of the dedicated team and the way of cooperation, we can finally start doing what we do best - development. We offer maximum transparency and efficiency in each of our projects. We will be happy to share access to Slack and project tools with you, and we will also invite you to team meetings so that you have the required awareness of the progress of the project.


Development and care

We don't stop after starting the project, on the contrary, we become your reliable and long-term partner. Our aim is to support the development of your business based on real data to achieve real results. Whether you're planning future expansion, creating a new loyalty program, or tackling digital transformation, we're ready to respond to your needs and help you succeed in all challenges.

Let's begin

Our goal is to build strong and lasting cooperation.