E-commerce agency specializing in Shopify

Our team consists of dozens of experts with more than twenty years of experience. We have been at the birth and growth of hundreds of ambitious e-commerce projects. We offer our clients stability, determination and a "No bullshit environment" - we talk openly, we work transparently and we don't promise what we can't fulfill.

Our story

  • 2015

    Portuguese David Simões, the future founder of Sound Good Agency, moved to Brno and started working at Ents development agency. Already a year later, he started leading the e-commerce department, focusing on Shopify solutions.

  • 2016

    We were the first (and still the only) developers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia to receive the Shopify Experts certification. Most businesses are only Shopify partners. Anyone who signs up for the Shopify Partner Program can become one. Shopify Experts certification is only awarded to agencies that have been individually vetted directly by Shopify.

  • 2018

    From a small e-commerce department, it became the biggest source of revenue for the entire Ents company. By mutual agreement, David Simões bought out this department and created Sound Good Agency as an independent development company specializing purely in Shopify.

    Furthermore, we managed to get 80+ ratings with an average of 5/5 and create an integration with Fakturoid after the announcement of the EET Act. In addition, we also became one of the few Shopify Experts worldwide with access to the Shopify Hosted Payment SDK, which in turn allowed us to create integrations with GoPay and ComGate .

  • 2022

    Over the past years, we managed to work not only for more than a hundred e-commerce companies from all over the world, but also for well-known local brands such as Mana, Okay.cz, Ledvance, ETA or GoPay.

    This year also saw a moment when David had to decide between family and business. Due to illness in the family, he decided to withdraw from the business and sell the agency to two colleagues, Robin Navrátil and Joao Antunes.

  • 2023

    David decided to exercise the buyback option and again acquired a 30% stake in the agency.

  • The company Shopsys, the domestic number one in the development of customized e-shops, acquired the Sounds Good agency, the local number one in the development of customized Shopify e-shops. This strategic step allows us to expand our service portfolio, increase the availability of a wider part of the e-commerce market and accelerate growth. Together, we are able to offer unique know-how both in custom development on the Shopsys Platform and in custom development on the Shopify platform. Read the full article.

Our values

  1. Responsibility, results, fun 😍

    We manage our work and deadlines and let you know if we can't deliver on time. Full responsibility for our work is standard. At the same time, we are not afraid of new levels of responsibility as we grow.

  2. No one is left behind. 👬

    We work as a team. If we feel that we are unable to deliver a result on time and flawlessly, we are not afraid to ask for help, and on the contrary, we will lend a helping hand if someone is struggling to deliver their results.

  3. We are passionate about what we do! 🤩

    That's why we're experts - we always try to have the latest and most accurate knowledge of the market! We want to be flawless and deliver our results not only on time, but also in the best possible quality. We are proactive, we aim to do things efficiently and we are also interested in self-development.

  4. Empathy - we understand human needs. 💕

    We try to understand our clients as much as possible to help them develop their business as efficiently as possible. At the same time, we take care of each other as a team.

  5. Honesty - no bullshit! 🙏

    We tell things like they are. We are transparent not only with each other, but also with our clients. It's not a problem if you don't know how to solve the situation, the problem is that you don't tell us that you don't know.

  6. Positive attitude. 💪

    In an optimistic-pragmatic sense. We know what is possible and what is not possible, but we still have a positive outlook for the future. We try to find the most optimal solution.

Our team

David Simões


I was born in Portugal. Now I live happily married in the Czech Republic. I'm a proud father, I practice BJJ and I've been a Shopify Expert since 2016.

Robin Navrátil


I'm a data-driven CEO and Shopify enthusiast. I was the main e-commerce manager at Mana for three years. I build on the permanent growth of people and the company.

João Antunes


Creator. I create various things on websites. I'm a Full Stack Web engineer and an IT geek. I create and participate in a lot of web projects - currently I work with Sounds Good Agency.

Eva Martincová

Head of Admin

I am a cat mom and contribute to the smooth running of SGA. I enjoy traveling and am interested in the paranormal, unexplained things and true-crime podcasts.

Neria Katz

Lead Developer

I am a lead developer with a passion for mentoring and team growth. I will combine the goals of clients, designers and developers into one whole. I create e-shops that resonate.

Andrej Tripský

Frontend Developer

I am half Czech, half Slovak. I have a wide range of interests from physics to programming to psychology. My passion is mountains and travel. My motto: Never stop discovering and learning.

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