Recommended apps for Shopify e-shops

Over the years we have had the opportunity to work with a number of different Shopify partners and merchants. This allowed us to try a number of tools and applications. Today we would like to share our discoveries with you. You will then know how to prepare your business for the challenges that lie ahead.

Please note that you definitely do not need all of the tools mentioned. Every business is different and has different needs. Go through the categories, find what suits your needs and if you want any advice or help, don't hesitate to contact us .

*Note: Some of these apps are our partners and we may receive a commission for referrals.

  1. Design
  2. Mobile application
  3. Subscription
  4. Accounting and law
  5. Marketing
  6. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  7. Backup
  8. SEO optimization
  9. Help desk
  10. Orders and shipping
  11. Data feed management

#1 Design

This application will allow you to create and edit any page of your Shopify e-shop without any knowledge of code or programming. The startup behind this site is one of the beautiful examples of success in the Shopify ecosystem. I personally met the founder of Shogun. Nick Raushenbush's passion for his solutions is absolutely exceptional. Some of the features I find great:

  • easy to create design just by dragging individual elements
  • developer friendly - great ratio of speed and performance
  • A/B testing

They also launched the great Enterprise product Shogun Frontend , which will allow you to have absolute control in the frontend of your Shopify store and turn your website into a PWA - progressive web app. The best thing about it is its speed! The e-shop that used it needed only 5 seconds to load the product page from the homepage. If you want to know more about it, don't hesitate to contact us.

A good alternative to Shogun is also their competitor PageFly .

#2 Mobile app

If one-time sales are not your strategy and you prefer to build a long-term relationship with your customers, consider this mobile app (iOS, Android) and you will be more closely connected with your customers. TapCart makes it easy to create these apps. The design is completely up to you, and the content and data will connect beautifully with Shopify. If you want to take your online business to the next level, this is the way to go.

#3 Subscriptions

This application allows you to introduce a membership to your e-shop in the form of repeated purchases of physical products. The customer can change the products themselves, their quantity, delivery address, payment information or delivery frequency. You are in control of all aspects of your offer, including the account of registered members. The entire application is also functional on a mobile phone, from product selection to checkout. It also offers advanced features such as a fully customizable customer portal, advanced analytics, as well as features for developers. The 60-day free trial version is also a big advantage.

Bold memberships for membership

An application designed to create paid subscription forms. Allows you to introduce a paid membership on your e-shop. It is possible to choose almost any type of paid membership. Whether it is content accessible only to registered users (blog, member pages, etc.), include members-only products, prices, or even the possibility of purchasing specific goods only for registered members in the e-shop. The application also enables a completely different look of the e-shop for registered customers. But it can also be used for offline service fees. Watch an interesting video about the appearance and settings of the application.

An application designed to sell digital products. This solution allows not only to sell digital products, but also forms of subscription to access digital content. We created this store using this very model.

The perfect solution for countries where the law requires merchants to add general terms and conditions (GTC) to the order confirmation email. Sufio can create invoices compatible not only with Czech legislation, but also with the legislation of EU countries and some other countries. It is also a great solution if you sell to different EU countries and need to apply different VAT rates. Allows custom invoice design, foreign currency, and much more. Try Sufio with a 30-day free trial .

Fakturoid provides an elegant Czech solution for EET and accounting. In addition to very easy issuing of invoices, it offers great facilitation for practically all accounting. Professional appearance of invoices, automatic reminders, payment matching, automation of regular invoices, export to accounting, and much more. If you don't know what to do, support is provided via chat or email.

The most popular GDPR banner. Blocks Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel and Shopify Analytics unless the customer allows them. Allows users to withdraw consent. It can export the history of granted consents as CSV in case of a GDPR audit. Customizable design with the theme of your e-shop. Shown only to customers from EU countries and supports all 23 EU languages.

#5 Marketing

If you want a powerful and sophisticated solution, you can use Klaviyo . Klaviyo is the best email marketing solution on Shopify. They have great automations, integrate perfectly with Shopify and specialize in email marketing for e-commerce.

This app works the same as Klaviyo but for SMS. It is relatively new, but it provides better results than e-mail marketing - incredible engagement, open rates and conversions. For e-shops that want to be one step ahead and maximize the relationship with their customers.

It will help you compile a list of those registered on messenger, it will look after undelivered orders, shipping notifications, it will help you change visitors into permanent customers.

Kit - Virtual assistant

If you want to actively use Facebook or Instagram for campaigns, Kit may be useful for you. It works as a virtual personal assistant. It will make it easier to set up social media campaigns. It's so great for companies that don't want to outsource their Facebook/Instagram strategies.

#6 Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

It will allow your customers to save their favorite products. Our most popular solution for wishlists. Great user support, easy to install, well modifiable for developers.

Application for building loyalty programs for customers. Support that contacts you every 3 months so that you can make the most of their services. It supports A/B testing, a loyalty program displayed directly on the landing page, and more.

Application to develop pop-up notifications. What we like best about her is that:

  • integrates well with Klaviyo
  • it has different windows for different types of customer behavior
  • generates an exit notification to maintain traffic

Application for analyzing the behavior of your customers in the e-shop. The information it provides is very valuable for optimizing the e-shop and finding user weak points.
Another popular solution is Hotjar, but we prefer Smartlook because they are a Czech startup based in Brno.

Popular application for Shopify developed by Prague startup They have a very simple solution for profitable, easy and interesting up-selling.

#7 Backed up

Application for regular backup of your e-shop data. You can also use it to restore the e-shop data if something goes wrong in the code. Very useful, whether you run an e-shop alone or in a large team. Mistakes just happen. We have witnessed the deletion of data and the downfall of e-shops due to a small error in freelancers, juniors, but also experienced CEOs. This application will save you a lot of unnecessary problems by backing up not only the code, but also the data of your e-shop in one place. If you want to connect with the amazing Rewind team, please contact us .

#8 SEO optimization

SEO Manager will help your e-shop get to the top of the search engines. The application allows you to evaluate how your e-shop stands in terms of SEO optimization. Not only does it guide you step by step through all its features, so it is intuitive and user-friendly, it also offers comprehensive information about SEO optimization as such, so you can understand the whole process more closely. It is one of the oldest Shopify Partners and one of the best SEO help for those who don't want to hire external help for SEO solutions.

This application solves problems with the ratio of quality and loading speed of images, as well as the SEO issue of images. It will help with editing alt-text and file names so that images will rank better in search engines. It significantly reduces the size of images without reducing their visual quality. It can resize, crop, add a frame to images. It can ensure that all your images have the same ratio of width and height and thus ensure their coherence across your e-shop. It can add a protective watermark to images. And of course you see a preview before making any changes. Every change made can then be undone.

#9 Helpdesk

Excellent application for customer support of your e-shop. You don't have to pay attention to all communication channels. With Gorgias, you will be able to handle e-mail, chat, phone and social media at the same time. Thanks to the integration with Shopify, you also have order data available in the app. You can set up automatic responses to frequently asked questions of your customers. In addition, it supports the Czech language.

#10 Orders and shipping

An application designed for e-shops with a high volume of sales and shops in the Shopify Plus program . It can significantly facilitate, speed up and simplify the processing of orders in all respects. They will create all documents, moreover, in accordance with your design and brand. You can process orders at once, print documents with one click, and your customers will receive an automatic email about sending the order along with the shipment number for tracking and a PDF invoice. It will also allow you to easily export all data, whether for the purposes of transferring to another system or for accounting.

Order printer Pro

Create beautiful emails that match the design and brand of your e-shop. It will allow you to add recommended products and discount codes and thus support the loyalty of your customers. You don't need design experience. Orderly emails will coordinate your chosen topic with your e-shop for you.

#11 Data feed management

This tool will allow you to be more successful on product comparison sites thanks to the generation and optimization of your data files. It will help generate campaigns on Google based on the text of data files and automatically. In addition, you will be able to monitor how your campaigns are doing and, thanks to analysis, you will be able to improve them. You can try Data Feed Watch for 15 days for free.

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