Payment gateways on Shopify 💳

Currently, there are many solutions available on Shopify for opening your own online store. If you are not directly interested in the Czech solution , you can also use other payment gateways for Shopify, which are easily set up for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Payment gateways for the Czech Republic
Payment gateways for Slovakia

We have good experience with Adyen, and 2Checkout. A novelty is the possibility of using Stripe in the Czech Republic (it was already available in Slovakia). Compared to other payment gateways, Stripe offers several advantages:

  • allows you to make a payment without redirecting the customer at checkout
  • uses the most modern technologies
  • allows you to use services like Apple Pay for an accelerated checkout method across the entire e-shop, not just during payment. An example of the use of this system is e.g.:
Limitations: The only major disadvantage of Stripe is that it is only possible to withdraw money in CZK or EUR. Therefore, if you sell in another currency, for example in USD, you must pay a fee of approx. 2% for the currency conversion. However, this can be an essential item for the budget of your business.

      If you operate your store outside the Czech Republic and Slovakia, we recommend using Shopify Payments . This is the cheapest and most efficient order processing solution on Shopify.

      How to find out which payment gateways are available?

      1. Visit the administration of your e-shop.
      2. Click on the Settings option (lower left gear) and then the Payment Providers option.
      3. In the Accept Credit Cards section, choose Select and then the Credit Card Gateway option.
      4. Choose the gate according to your needs.

      We recommend that you start handling the activation of payment gateways in advance due to the necessity of the process of verifying documents about you and your company. If you are interested in local payment gateways like GoPay, ComGate and others, please visit the link GoPay and ComGate on Shopify .

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