Shopify Local Pickup - An elegant option to set up personal pickup

Set up a personal subscription without unnecessary complications. From the places you want, without knowing code, quickly and intuitively. And your time will belong to the customers.

Setting up a personal subscription on Shopify just got a whole lot easier. You no longer have to search for it and enter it among other transport options. You can find it completely separately, as Additional delivery method .

This option was originally created as one of the many ways Shopify has supported its clients due to the coronavirus crisis . At a time when many merchants were suffering from the closure of their brick-and-mortar stores, this was one way to enable them to sell even though customers could not visit them. However, for now, this option remains open to all Shopify users. It is simple and intuitive. You can set up personal collection anywhere - retail store, warehouse, in short, anywhere where your goods are located.

Personal pickup before Shopify Local pickup...

Before this new option was launched, setting up a personal subscription wasn't easy in every way. Personal collection had to be entered among other modes of transport. Coupled with this was that once the order was ready for the customer to pick up, the message that was sent to them could not be properly edited in the Shopify admin .

Changing this message required programming knowledge. It was necessary to rewrite the wording of the message in the source code. And of course that requires time, energy, knowledge, or the help of someone who can do it for you. For many people, this meant distracting them with the next little problem to solve instead of focusing on what really mattered.

...and after him

Shopify Local pickup, on the other hand, stands as a completely separate shipping method . More precisely, as an additional transport option. So it is not connected to other methods in any way, and the entire process of handling the order and the message to the customer is completely independent.

Your customers will see two cards at checkout - the shipping method and a separate personal pickup card. In the personal collection card, they can then choose the branch (collection point) where they want to pick up the goods.

How do you set up a personal subscription?

  1. In your Shopify admin, click on Settings , then select Shipping .
  2. In the Local Pickup tab, select Set up local pickup .
  3. Select the locations where you want to offer Local pickup to customers. These locations must first be set in the Locations option.
  4. Click Next .
  5. Change the settings to meet your needs.
  6. Select Enable local pickup .

And how do you set preferences for individual collection points?

This option allows you to choose at which locations personal collection will be enabled and also to set the details for each collection location separately. You can also specify any instructions or information for customers, such as opening hours, reminding customers to bring their order confirmation, or the estimated time the order will be ready for pickup. The customer will see these instructions at checkout.

  1. In your Shopify admin, click on Settings , then select Shipping .
  2. In the Local Pickup tab, select Manage for the location where you want to make the appropriate settings.
  3. Make the settings.
  4. Click Save .

You can also watch a video that guides you through setting up the Local Pickup service in all the details:

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