How to use Shopify in Czech and Slovak - tutorial 📣

The user environment is an incredibly important parameter when running an e-shop. As soon as the e-shop is confusing for the customer, he does not understand it, or it is not available in the required language, the conversion rate decreases.

Online shopping should be natural for the customer and movement in the e-shop should be pleasant and intuitive.

Sophisticated language system on Shopify

Shopify, although Canadian, is built for global operations. All available templates and designs can be easily translated into the desired language.

However, as we mentioned in our previous article , admin and backend are not yet available in Czech.

The absolutely great thing is that if you use freely available Shopify themes such as Debut , which already have Czech included, you don't have to deal with anything else at all.

How to change theme language?

If the selected theme contains multiple languages, you can simply switch the language.

  1. Go to Shopify Admin , select Online Store , then Themes.
  2. For the selected topic, choose Actions and then Edit l anguages .
  3. Click Change t heme l anguage.
  4. Click the Language drop-down menu to see the languages ​​available for that theme.
  5. Choose a language and choose Save.

If the language you need is not available, there is an option to create a new translation of the topic .

  1. In Shopify Admin, choose Online Store and then Themes.
  2. For the selected topic, click the Actions drop-down menu and select Edit l anguages .
  3. Select Change t heme l anguage .
  4. Click on the Language option
  5. and then click Other l anguages.
  6. Choose the appropriate options from the Language and Region drop-down menus.
  7. Click the Save option.
  8. Enter the translation of the text in the Language editor . The changes you enter are saved automatically.

Special tip:

It may happen that you already have the theme set up in the required language and you are playing with the settings and design. You are trying to change some call-to-action button or headline and you find that it is not possible in the normal settings of the theme. These changes can be made in Language settings or directly in the Locale folder of the language source code.

Complete information on language customization options is available on the Shopify website .

On Shopify, there is practically no problem for use in Czech or Slovak. Changing the language is definitely not an obstacle to using Shopify for your e-shop.

We will soon add an article on how to set up a multilingual Shopify e-shop.

If you don't have a store yet, try the two-week trial version , write a comment on the article, or contact us .

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