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Custom template design and development, subscription products

About the store

HomeThings makes tableted everyday household cleaning sprays with 100% recycled plastic bottles that can be refilled and reused. Unlike most cleaning products, which are 90% water and 10% the actual substances they clean, HomeThings offers tableted cleaning products that cut down perhaps millions of single-use plastic bottles and sprayers.

Client goals

  • Prepare the store for the huge increase in traffic that has been planned based on their appearance at the British Dragon's den
  • Create a new design that will better represent their brand
  • Improve subscription flow and management

What we did

  • We designed the design according to the client's vision, guidelines and branding
  • They customized the template according to our design to give customers an amazing experience
  • Consultation and launch support prior to appearing on national television

Let's begin

Our goal is to build strong and lasting cooperation.