Galleria Armadoro

Frontend and backend development, design, long-term cooperation

About the store

Galleria Armadoro stands behind the quality of its products. Their main goal is to create fun, stylish and eye-catching pieces that reflect the individual style of the modern woman and are worn every day, not reserved for 'special occasions'.

Client goals

  • Enhance their design with amazing media content
  • Allowing customers to seamlessly personalize jewelry through engraving
  • Loyalty program improvement
  • Get a long-term partner to help with ongoing front-end and design challenges

What we did

  • After a year of cooperation: 38% increase in sales in the online store and 42% increase in the rate of returning customers
  • Migrated to a more advanced and cost effective Loyalty Program application with several customizations built on top of it
  • We developed and maintain our own application that allows customers to create specific engravings on their products.
  • After working with the older template for some time, we asked the client to update their template
  • These decisions were very valuable for the customer: fewer errors, more flexibility, lower development costs and more autonomy for the trader.

Let's begin

Our goal is to build strong and lasting cooperation.