Shopify Email is coming. Free until October 2020! Completely.

From customizable templates to tracking. The Shopify Email service will provide you with a simple tool to build lasting relationships with your customers. In addition, without experience in marketing and design. And you will look like a pro.

The role of email as a direct means of communication with your customers has never been more important. And in this period of uncertainty, email marketing is literally a lifesaver for many businesses. We all need, especially now, to build and maintain a relationship with our customers. That's why Shopify comes with Shopify Email for all merchants for free until October 2020.

Email and your e-shop are the only two channels through which you fully control building a relationship with your customers. Now both channels can work in harmony with each other. Shopify Email is part of your Shopify admin and thus actually functions as an extension of your e-shop.

Right now, it's important to proactively share updates and changes to help reassure your customers and maintain the relationship you've worked so long to build.

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Target specific customer groups with specific content

Acquiring customers is not easy. Once you get their interest, keeping them is another never-ending challenge. Email marketing will help you not only with increasing new sales, but also with cultivating relationships with your current customers. And it will also encourage repeat sales. Plus, it's a channel that isn't subject to the whims of another platform. And why is it popular among Shopify users?:

  • Your customers will read exactly the emails they need. Shopify Email allows you to segment your email list. Thanks to this, you can create tailor-made campaigns for specific groups of customers. It's worth it. 56% of customers confirm that they open at least half of the emails they receive, a level of interaction that is unique to email.
  • Customers like to receive relevant emails. Email can consistently ensure return on investment. 59% of customers prefer email over any other channel. And most shoppers appreciate being offered discounts and new products through their email.
  • Email is a channel you control. Your email list is not exposed to any unexpected changes from the outside. And in uncertain times, email is a safe way to reach customers directly, even if they can't visit you physically.

Creating a campaign is amazingly simple

Shopify Email is built in such a way that you don't need marketing or design knowledge. Smart templates can automatically download your logo, colors and products directly from the e-shop. So you won't waste time with the design. Templates will do it for you.

In addition, you can customize the templates yourself. Preset segments allow for easy editing. You can easily change text, buttons, images and other features to customize it to your liking. In addition, the campaign you create is automatically saved, so you can return to it at any time.

Send without worry

With Shopify Email, you send campaigns directly through your domain. This will greatly promote your brand and probably avoid spam filters.

You can send up to five email campaigns per week to up to 20,000 subscribers at once. If you have more subscribers, you can create customer groups and send a different campaign to each group. This ensures that the right email always reaches the right person. Or you just divide your list into several smaller groups.

Before actually sending, you will of course see how exactly your campaign will be seen by customers in their email inboxes.

Improve campaigns based on analytics

You'll send and track your campaigns from the same place you manage your products, customers, and other marketing campaigns. Thanks to analytical tools, you will get an overview of how your campaigns are performing, so you can improve them over time.

And the price?

Shopify Email will be completely free until October 2020. After that, you will be able to send 2500 emails per month for free . If you exceed this number, the price you pay will be 1 USD for every 1000 emails sent .

Further improvements are already planned.

With the accelerated rollout of Shopify Email to everyone, Shopify is working hard to add new tools to make the service even more efficient. Soon there will be the possibility to schedule the sending of emails, multi-purpose built-in templates and settings that will speed up your campaigns even more.

What about any disadvantages?

Of course, nothing is perfect and there is always something that can be improved. Shopify Email, as robust a solution as it is, has its quirks (so far). For now, advanced automatic functions such as welcome series for newsletters, birthday campaigns, or notifications about goods in the cart are missing.

If you're looking for a service that's more robust and advanced, check out Klaviyo . It's a very sophisticated service that is the best solution for email marketing on Shopify so far. It is easy to integrate and is specialized purely in email marketing for e-commerce.

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Shopify Email can be found in your Shopify admin in the Marketing section. With Shopify Email available in the same place as your business, you'll have more time to focus on what matters most - your customers.

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