UPDATE: Shopify shipping is almost ready 🎉

If you have a Czech or Slovak shop on Shopify, you probably noticed that using Zásilkovna was not exactly a simple solution. After several years without an available solution, a friend from Prague created a solution himself: https://rousek.name/shopify-zasilkovna .

However, it was not without its faults:

  • was not scalable
  • it wasn't cheap
  • it was not easy to implement,
  • the customer interface had its weaknesses.

It was because of these problems that Josef started redirecting customers who were interested in integration between Shopify and Zásilkovna to us after about a year and pulled his solution from the website.

We did it?

Yes, they did. In 2019, we did this integration for one client: Mana™️ . And then we realized it's time to make a customizable app that's accessible to everyone, even if it won't be usable in Shopify Plus.

The great news is that we have already tested both the alpha and beta versions with the first two clients. Thanks to their feedback, we discovered weak points and opportunities for improvement. And now everything is almost ready with the integration of the suggested changes. We believe we will launch the app in early April .

Important information about the current version of the application that you will be able to install in your e-shops:

  1. The administration - that is, what you see, not your customers - will be only in English for the time being due to the possibility of faster development.
  2. From the beginning, it will not be possible to export or synchronize orders to the Post Office or print labels. For this, it will be necessary to temporarily use another application: https://apps.shopify.com/export-orders-to-zasilkovna-cz - also from Josef Rousk 🙏
    Sooner or later we will implement this feature as well. It is not very complex. Now we skip this step and therefore you can start using the application immediately.
  3. The app will not yet be available through the Shopify App Store. Their approval process takes 2-4 weeks and we don't want you to have to wait that long. Fortunately, we can share a simple link from which you can install the application in the e-shop.

You are probably now asking the main thing - how much will it cost?


Good question! Honestly, we don't know yet. We try to find a balance between:

  • product value - there will be no easier, better, cheaper and faster solution,
  • market price - how much the customer is willing and able to pay,
  • fairness for both parties,
  • sustainability - we can't work or maintain the app without profit: we also have families to take care of :).

The option we're leaning towards the most so far is to offer a different price depending on the client's Shopify plan and allow all clients to access the same features. Mainly because:

  • start-ups will be able to afford more advanced features and automation without suffering from not being able to afford to pay for them,
  • stores with a higher turnover and therefore a more advanced plan usually require a greater amount of cooperation and attention from us and will thus be able to afford to support the application more financially,
  • larger businesses that understand the value and sense in paying more for Shopify will also see that value in a higher price for our product.

And this is how it looks for other apps on Shopify. Please don't pay attention to the prices now, just the structure:

Price list Application

What is your opinion? Let us know. We appreciate any feedback. There is also the possibility that we will have 2 or 3 plans with different prices depending on the features that the client will want:

  • more editing options,
  • more automation,
  • more options for international use,
  • and so on...

And what will happen now?

Our step-by-step launch plan:

  1. Finalize implementation details based on feedback from our first clients.
  2. Share with you and the world a public link to install the app so you can start using it.
  3. Payment 0. Nothing. Nada. FREE. Gratis….. For now .
  4. We will then prepare the final details for approval to the Shopify App Store, including payment plans.
  5. Once the app is approved in the Shopify App Store, everyone who has installed it will be prompted to choose a plan or approve a payment method for the app.
  6. After that, we will continue to improve the application. We will be open to suggestions and new requests, but first of all we will implement experot and/or automatic synchronization of orders to the Post Office.

If you are interested in this news and have not yet signed up for news about Zásilkovna, you can do so here . Or wait for the next update for now 👍

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